The Women's Oil Wrestling Federation

Oil Wrestlers MainLatest Info 3/27/2006
Attic I punched out of
Water moccasin I killed
with a borrowed shoe
because I didn't have any

11-22-05 Working on getting everything in order. Also keeping in touch with wrestlers to get it up and running after the first of the year

The WOW is still alive

We made it out. Everything is destroyed but we are not pinned in any shape or form. Everything that it took to put on our show was swallowed by 13 feet of water. Since we made everything ourselves and invented the way we carried out our show, we have every intent of rebuilding. We were in a deep rebuilding before the storm. Since we can now start from scratch, we can explore other ideas that were not possible before. I'm currently staying in Tuscaloosa Alabama and also keeping in contact with former wrestlers. It will take us a few more months to get through the insurance and lawyers, We'll start posting weekly updates when possible. All online content should be ok because all video and pics were hard copied to DVD. If the water didn't destroy them. I went to my house after the storm and tried to find them along with other things but a 6 ft. rattlesnake told my to leave. Rita came through and reflooded the house and I haven't gone back a second time. We based our home office in St. Bernard Parish La. I don't have to tell you what has happened there. We got it worse that anyone. My hometown is gone for now. But we'll show you why our show has gone on for 14 years. We made a good show. Katrina and Rita will help us to make it better. 

 Roy Jerasi (WOW Bossman)


More info will be made available soon Please give us time to get it together. I would like to encourage our copycat competition to try to jump on this opportunity to take our place. I could really use that fire at this time. I can be reached at Waterboyroy@hotmail.com or
Ask for Roy