The Women's Oil Wrestling Federation

Oil Wrestlers MainLatest Info 3/27/2006
Attic I punched out of
Water moccasin I killed
with a borrowed shoe
because I didn't have any

11-22-05 Working on getting everything in order. Also keeping in touch with wrestlers to get it up and running after the first of the year

Well, We're still here!!!!!

My family and I are finally settled and are well on our way to getting things going good again. About the Oil Wrestling, We started doing a few shows after the first but it seems way to diffucult to get the new girls to fight with the drive our show demands so we let them all go for now. But don't worry, we're not done with exotic entertainment yet. I'll be working to enhance triffic to domains I have. We have a good selection of adult domains. I guess you can say we're developoing internet real estate. We'll start by posting website's of local stripclubs to keep the traffic flowing. I've been thinking of something to sell on the website and I will be posting that info when I have it. Yes, Yes, I still have all the video's and DVDs. I gutted my house myself so I still have the masters.
  Till Next Time

More info will be made available soon Please give us time to get it together. I would like to encourage our copycat competition to try to jump on this opportunity to take our place. I could really use that fire at this time. I can be reached at Waterboyroy@hotmail.com or
Ask for Roy